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Company Profile

Established in 2000, Chartwell has grown from a small forestry consulting firm based in North Vancouver to a multifaceted resource based consulting company serving our clients out of four offices throughout British Columbia. Chartwell’s growing team now includes Road & Bridge Engineers, Forestry Professional & Technicians, GIS & Design Technicians, Project Managers and Administrative Support. Our team is constantly looking for new processes to increase the efficiency and quality of our work. Contact us to discuss how a new approach could benefit your next project.

At Chartwell we work diligently to create and maintain a stable, safe and positive work environment where our staff remains motivated and challenged. We ensure to keep all field employees’ training current, as we believe that this is a key step in providing a safe work environment. As a SAFE Certified company we have developed a company safety plan and keep thorough records of our activities and safety performance.

Company’s Values

Delivering the best customer service and the highest quality in the business.

  • To provide the highest quality solutions and the best service that meet our customers’ needs
  • To be the most respected consultant in our field.
  • We aspire to be bigger but a small company at heart
  • To be proactive in providing innovative solutions

Honesty – Clarity: Provide clear, honest and understandable information and explanations.

Accessibility: Be accessible and respond as quickly as possible to problems and enquiries.

Delivery: Deliver what we promise, when we promise and always follow up on an uncontrollable delay.

Accountability: Set out clear policies and standards and be accountable should we fail to meet them.

Professionalism: Try to always giving the customer what they want, but offer choices and know enough to advise the client on the best and most cost effective methods.

Value: Deliver the highest value possible and look for ways to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Communication: Keep clients up to date with progress in a regular, timely fashion.

Price: Never incur costs without notification and permission.

Confidentiality: Respect our Clients rights to privacy and confidentiality.