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Asset Inventory Service

Your assets in the field can range from pipeline crossings to timber, and includes the roads, bridges and infrastructure that access them. Chartwell specializes in collecting locations, condition and attribute information of these assets in any location, remote or urban. The information collected is critical for maintaining safe passage, predicting maintenance requirements and producing realistic budgets.

Asset Inventory Services

We work with a number of  different collection software and hardware solutions. Our staff can help you decide on the right approach and design your survey for maximum functionality. We integrate our collection and data systems to allow a quick and effective upload, so you have access to your data faster, putting the information in your hands sooner. 
Our team has the experience to provide you with the right solution for your needs. Does your organization use GIS systems or Google Earth? Do you prefer hardcopy maps or viewing on a tablet or smartphone? Perhaps you need a complete web mapping solution that allows you to add and edit data online? We have designed solutions for all these approaches.
When tracking your assets being able to quantify and track risk is key. You need to be be able to make decisions based on the likelihood of an incident and the consequences. If required, our team can collect information about condition and risk when inventorying your assets in the field.