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What We Do

Chartwell is an experienced resource based consulting company that provides the necessary tools and solutions to meet your forestry, mining, environmental and utility needs.  With a professional staff of highly skilled Engineers and Foresters, we have over 40 years of practical work experience providing quality services and business solutions to our Resource Industry and Government clients.  Drawing upon the skills of our extensive GIS & Mapping Department, Chartwell further supplements its services with premium quality mapping products utilizing a variety of spatial software packages.  From the planning stages through to final construction, Chartwell has the skill and dedication required to ensure the success of any project.

Our team of skilled professionals strive to deliver the best in customer service.  The key ethics  to Chartwell’s continued success include honesty, accessibility, delivery, accountability, professionalism, communication and confidentiality. This is the philosophy that governs us in all aspects of our company.  Contact us to discuss your service needs.


LandPlanner is a secure, web-based, on and off-line productivity-enhancement system geared for resource managers and their teams in the office and in the field.


LiDAR saves you money and time. The need to wander in the woods looking for tall trees, assessing slopes and scouting roads is minimized with LiDAR.

Professional Forestry

Our Forestry Services team works closely in conjunction with the GIS and Mapping Department to deliver seamless service to our clients.

Visual Impact Analysis

We provide visual analysis and simulations for accurate presentation of the environmental impacts and aesthetics of proposed projects.

Project Management

Chartwell Consultants’ approach to any project is based on the idea of direct and practical solutions applied in a cost effective manner.

GIS & Mapping

Our GIS and mapping department work with stake holders and clients to develop business solutions that meet industry and clients’ standards.

Bridge & Road Engineering

Whether you are developing a large tract of private land, adding an existing road network, or replacing aging infrastructures, Chartwell has a team of in house professionals to meet your design needs.

Road Management

Loss of road access can mean loss of revenue. Chartwell can help you integrate road services to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Asset Inventory

Chartwell specializes in collecting locations, condition and attribute information of assets in any location, remote or urban.