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Professional Forestry Services

The Chartwell Consultants Ltd. forestry department includes:  Registered Professional Foresters (RPF),  Registered Forest Technologists (RFT),  Professional Engineers (P.Eng.) and other dedicated team members. We have offices in Vancouver, Chilliwack, Squamish and Gibsons, and perform work throughout British Columbia. We have established working relationships with professional service providers including geoscientists, engineers, wildlife biologists, fisheries biologists, archaeologists, and timber harvesting and road building firms which allows us to provide a complete array of services. We deliver comprehensive forest management packages for all-in-one solutions or individual services to suit your requirements.  Our clients range from large licensees to individual woodlot owners. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


Professional Forestry Services

Chartwell offers Comprehensive Project Management Services including full Forest License Management, Silviculture Project or Portfolio Management, Land Tenure and Permitting Applications, and all associated reports and mapping.
Our Professional Forestry Planning team has the experience and knowledge to help you with all your planning needs including but not limited to: Forest Stewardship Plans, Woodlot License Plans, Operability and Feasibility Studies, and long term planning tools such as Inventories and Timber Supply Analysis.
Chartwell offers a comprehensive range of forestry services for woodlots. As woodlot licensees ourselves, we share a common perspective with owners who are making management decisions on their chart area. Contact us for more details if you are looking for services to help with your license.

We can offer:

  • Woodlot Plan Preparation
  • Lidar Data Collection and Analysis
  • Economic Analysis of Harvest Plans
  • Timber Development and Permitting
  • Complete Mapping Services
  • Harvest Supervision
  • Silviculture Management and Tracking
  • Woodlot Purchase and Sale Support
Chartwell’s Timber Development team has extensive experience providing the full range of timber development services from the application stage to final approval.

  • Cutting Permits, Road Permits, and Special Use Permit preparation and applications
  • Forest Road and Cut Block Engineering and Design
  • Timber Cruising and Valuation
  • Harvesting Supervision
  • Waste and Residue surveys
  • Total Chance Planning
  • Windthrow Assessments and Danger Tree Evaluations
  • Site Plans
  • Harvest Plans
  • Other services to suit your needs…
Chartwell’s experienced and knowledgeable team will provide you with the Professional Assessments and Concise Reports to suit your project needs.

  • Visual Impact Assessments and Visualisations
  • Terrain Stability Assessments
  • Watershed Assessments and Analysis
  • Riparian Assessments
  • Invasive Plant and Species at Risk Assessments
  • Forestry Impact Assessments
  • Ecosystem Classifications
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
The Chartwell team can work with your team to determine ways to improve operations. The ultimate goal of achieving an efficient and well balanced operation through Forest Operations Auditing and Cost Feasibility Studies is only a click or phone call away.
Chartwell’s fully integrated Forestry and Mapping Departments can manage your spatial and attribute data to ensure your information is safely stored and readily available when you need it. Our team provides RESULTS data management and submission services as well as auditing to track overdue and required submissions. Chartwell also provides data entry services for clients with internal database systems such as Cengea.

  • RESULTS Data Management and Submissions
  • FL, TFL, and WL Data Management
  • Cengea and client database management
Our full service Mapping Department will provide your business with concise, clear, and professional maps for your next project. Contact us to day to discuss your mapping needs.

  • Forestry Operation Mapping (Site Plan, Harvest Plan, Cruise, Appraisal maps…)
  • Environmental Inventory Mapping
  • Forest Stewardship Plan Maps
  • Any map to suit your needs…