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Road Management Services

Whether you are the owner of a large rural tract of land, a major resource industry or a utility company your use of the land depends largely on the ease of access. Your access requirements may be as simple as a trail for recreational use or as complex as a heavy equipment resource road. Whatever your needs are Chartwell has the experience to meet your unique access needs.

Chartwell can assist you with a full range of Road Management services, Planning and Design, Road Inventory and Inspections, Construction and Regulatory Administration. Chartwell has the knowledge and experience to tackle your Road Management challenges, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Road Management Services

Road planning and design is a critical phase of a successful operation. A poorly designed road will increase cycle times, consume drive trains and increase production costs. From the simplest to the most complex access road planning Chartwell can meet the challenge, with an experienced in house team.

• Forest Professionals, armed with your road design specifications and using advanced designing tools like LiDAR will find the most cost effective route to access your lands.
• Professional Engineers are available to design and certify engineered structures.
• A team of CAD and GIS technicians compliment the works of the other Professionals by preparing presentation quality digital plans and construction drawings necessary for the various applications for Ministerial approval.

Road Inventory
Whether you’ve recently acquired new territories or taken over the management of a long establish operation, chances are you have inherited someone else’s road network. This legacy likely has weaknesses that may affect your bottom line.
Chartwell has performed thousands of kilometers of road inventory surveys throughout the Province. In each case the inventory is tailored to the client’s needs. Road inventories start with an onsite survey, using a GPS based Carto Pac data collection system to record the condition of the road. The location and condition of each road feature is accurately recorded as a digital file. The end result is a detail mapped road inventory that becomes a living document and a valuable tool in the management of your road network.

Road Inspections
Infrastructure used by the public or employees are all governed by Provincial Regulations requiring inspects of roads, culverts and bridges to ensure that they are safe to use. Chartwell’s in house staff of Professional Engineers and Technicians can provide thorough inspection to ensure the safety of your engineered structures. In addition to meeting the Regulatory requirements, the Clients receive an inspection that:
• Professionally Certifies the condition and capacity of the engineered structures;
• Identifies items needing maintenance or replacement;

Emergency Road Inspections
No matter how well your road network is maintained, mother natural can quickly add her own touches. With a focus on a prompt response to get you back in business, Chartwell’s team of Professionals can:
• Assess the site to determine whether it is safe for men and equipment to work.
• Prescribe repairs, either temporary or permanent.
• Facilitate the required Governmental Regulatory processes.
• Supervise the emergency repairs to ensure that they meet design specifications.
• Monitor the works to ensure minimal impact to the environment.
Alternately, automatic post event inspections can be scheduled to occur after storms of a predetermined intensity.

Building roads in British Columbia presents challenges not found elsewhere, each region has unique characteristics. Chartwell’s, staff has experience in virtually every corner of the Province, from Haida Gwaii in the northwest to the Kootenays in the southeast and from Vancouver Island in the southwest to Fort St. John in the northeast. Chartwell can provide:

• Detailed construction cost estimates for budgeting.
• Prepare tender documents and review tender results.
• Provide onsite supervision of your road or bridge construction projects.

In managing their lands owners and industry are faced with scores of Provincial Acts, Legislation and Regulations. Navigating the labyrinth of administration is challenging. Chartwell works with the Government Agencies throughout the Province we are well versed in the requirements of each District. On behalf of their clients’ Chartwell routinely performs administrative works under the following Provincial Acts, Legislation and Regulations:

• BC Water Act. Road works not covered by other Provincial Tenures requires a Water Act Section 9 Approval or Notification;
• BC Forest & Range Practices Act. Activities related to harvesting require Road Permits, Cutting Permits, Special Use Permits and Licenses to Harvest;
• BC Land Act. Crown Land required for a road right of way may need a Licence of Occupation;