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Visual Impact Analysis Services

Chartwell Consultants Ltd. offers a complete visual management package. We couple leading modeling software packages and techniques with qualified professionals to produce high quality visual impact service packages.

If you are looking at incorporating visual design principles into your future planning, or making sure your current development meets necessary objectives, we can help. Our team will build accurate, aesthetically pleasing, economically rational and operationally feasible designs.


Visual Analysis Services

Describing and interpreting the landscape in terms of its structure and ecology is an integral part to planning for future resource use. By employing highly trained GIS professionals and using advanced technology, Chartwell can classify and identify different landscape components to determine the suitability of your development project.
Chartwell’s services include the identification, classification and recording of visual values on the landscape. These criteria can then be used to rate the landscape for its visual sensitivity, visual absorption capability, and existing visual condition as they pertain to future resource use.
Visual impacts of proposed development projects are typically the issues of greatest concern to property owners, recreational users, and the local community. At Chartwell, we have extensive experience in helping our clients to evaluate those impacts by delivering effective, objective, and aesthetically pleasing products that help facilitate decision making and planning.
WHM is a tool broadly used in impact assessment, impact mitigation and conservation planning. Using GIS, Chartwell can help to identify key habitat areas for local species and to best facilitate wildlife movement through and around development projects.