Established in 2000, Chartwell has grown from a small forestry consulting firm in North Vancouver, to a multi-faceted company serving clients from three offices in British Columbia. Our team includes Road and Bridge Engineers, Forestry Professionals and Technicians, Arborists, GIS Personnel, Drafting and CADD Technicians, Project Managers, and Administrative Support who provide a full range of services from data capture, translations, analysis to software implementation.

To ensure that our clients’ high standards are met, we operate all major software packages and aggressively maintain our place at the forefront of technology. In response to our clients’ needs, we can draw on our working associations with selected consultants in related disciplines, such as hydrology, wildlife management and geomorphology. Chartwell takes great pride in delivering high-quality products and services and we are constantly looking for new processes to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our work.

Chartwell Consultants Ltd. and McTavish Resource & Management Consultants Ltd. have formed a Strategic Partnership that delivers practical and innovative solutions to the Natural Resource sectors.

McTavish Resource & Management Consultants Ltd


To be the most respected resource management consultants in our field. Provide the best service possible to our clients and associates. Exceed industry standards in on-time and on-budget services. Be proactive in developing innovative solutions for the resource sector. Provide mentorship and growth opportunities to all employees. Aspire to grow, but remain a small company at heart.



Accessibility: We will always be accessible and respond as quickly as possible to problems and enquiries.

Honesty & Clarity: To provide clear, honest and understandable information and explanations.

Delivery: Deliver what we promise, when we promise, and always follow up on an uncontrollable delay.

Accountability: Set out clear policies and standards and be accountable should we fail to meet them.

Professionalism: Always giving the Client what they want, but offer choices and know enough to advise the Client on the best and most cost effective methods.

Value: Deliver the highest value possible, and always look for ways to exceed our Clients’ expectations.

Communication: Keep our Clients and Associates up to date with progress in a regular, timely fashion.

Price: Never incur costs without notification and permission.

Confidentiality: Respect our Clients rights to privacy and confidentiality.