landPLANNER™ is a secure, web-based, on and off-line productivity-enhancement system geared for resource managers and their teams in the office and in the field. Any user with a PC, tablet or smartphone and can connect and interact with maps and information. With everyone sharing the same data, productivity is vastly improved.


The system we’ve created consists of Esri Collector for field use (data collection, reconnaissance etc.) running on a tablet or smartphone and a web map accessed through a browser on any internet-connected computer. Both of these tools connect to a single, shared database. Users select the data layers that are relevant to their project(s).


We developed landPLANNER™  to be versatile and scalable for any client in the natural resource and related sectors. With industry-focused versions and customizable functionality, you’re sure to find a landPLANNER™ that works for you.



landPLANNER™ for FORESTRY, designed by foresters for foresters.


landPLANNER™  for Energy, built in collaboration with utility clients.


landPLANNER™ for Environmental, field tasks and data management made simple.


landPLANNER™ was developed to give all of our staff access to LiDAR information that we were acquiring for our resource management operations. Adding other resource management datasets resulted in a flexible and responsive system that our team could use both in the field and in the office.


It has improved Chartwell’s productivity so much that we’re making it available to our clients. Now, our field crews work in the field with all of the layers that they need and any edits, additions and deletions that they make are uploaded when they are back in range. Our Project Managers can see what work has been done each day. Confusion is almost eliminated because everybody is looking at and working with the same information. You can too.