Through our commitment to excellence, Chartwell has developed the essential skills necessary to provide valuable and innovative solutions to a diverse clientele in British Columbia and beyond. Contact us to learn how we can provide you with solutions, or visit our services page for more information on our specific areas of expertise.


We offer objective work to a wide range of forest management to forestry companies of all sizes and government organizations. Our Registered Professional Foresters and Registered Forest Technologists have extensive experience throughout the province and provide services based on strong fundamentals in forestry operations and field engineering. Our Forestry team is completely integrated with our Engineering and GIS and Mapping Department to deliver seamless service to our clients.

We also provide Urban Forestry and Arboriculture Consulting Services for private and corporate clients in both urban and urban interface environments. Through tree inventories and forest management plans, Chartwell’s Arboriculture consulting services can add value to properties by increasing site safety and aesthetics, while providing the information needed to make calculated risk management decisions and accurate budget plans.


Our Project Managers have the knowledge and experience in developing and maintaining utility systems in a complex environment. We are experts in the management of multiple land use issues over public and private lands so we can anticipate potential setbacks in order to avoid cost and schedule constraints.

We also have extensive expertise in acquiring and utilizing LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data. LiDAR is an essential technology in the planning, development, construction and management of resource projects. Our Engineers, Foresters and resource professionals pride themselves on being able to use this technology to provide cost effective solutions to clients.

We have established working relationships with professional service providers including geoscientists, engineers, wildlife biologists, fisheries biologists, archaeologists, timber harvesting and road building firms which allow us to provide a full suite of services for utility and energy resource planning. Our team is committed to working closely with our clients to provide tailored products or service solutions to meet the unique demands of each project.


At Chartwell, we know that First Nations require forestry services that are the highest of quality and which also reflect their cultural and traditional values. We strive to build strong partnerships with the First Nations rather than simply provide a service. We believe it’s important to recognize the cultural importance of First Nation traditional territories, which allows us to build relationships through respect, trust, and character. We are currently participating in forestry development, full solution mapping, and capacity building with various First Nations groups in British Columbia, and continuing to foster connections with log marketing firms to assist in the selling of timber.




Chartwell provides functional, real world solutions to the communications sector. We provide services that include: asset inventory and mapping, road maintenance planning, repair tracking, and environmental review. We prepare License of Occupation and Licence to Cut applications. We can provide site reviews for development feasibility of new projects. Our involvement with the communications industry has grown through the development of landPLANNER™, our powerful web mapping tool and data collection program.


Chartwell provides service to local governments and municipalities dealing with:

• Resource road projects
• Timber clearing and brushing projects
• Timber valuation
• Arborist or Urban Forestry services
• Forested site remediation

Our GIS & Mapping Department can provide specialized mapping services and develop mapping applications for communities around the province. We can also support projects that may require different expertise than is available in-house. Whether your business is dealing with resource roads and bridges, logging, selling timber or regenerating areas back into productive forests, Chartwell can help.


Chartwell has a long history of working with the Government of British Columbia, including BC Timber Sales and the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. Chartwell has provided forestry, mapping, asset inventory, professional engineering, and LiDAR services to various government agencies.


Chartwell’s experience and expertise in the resource sector is an excellent fit for mining clients. Access road and bridge design, timber valuations, topographic, and data acquisition are required in most mine developments. These are services that Chartwell has been successfully providing for many years. We work with our clients to develop solutions that are cost-effective and sensible, taking into account relevant requirements and constraints.

We invite you to talk to us about:

  • LiDAR, GIS and mapping
  • Database design and management solutions
  • Field engineering, applications and permitting
  • Field data collection systems
  • Road and bridge design
  • Forestry services
  • Web mapping services


In the oil and gas industry we pride ourselves on developing real world, implementable solutions to resource problems. This industry faces the same challenges of timber clearing, road access, and permitting that we deal with for many clients. We understand the intricacies of these challenges, and provide solutions that are practical and econmically feasible. With the use of landPLANNER™, our powerful web mapping tool and data collection system, we are more than just an answer; Chartwell is a solution.