Chartwell Consultants Ltd. have the capacity to provide all the necessary tools and solutions to meet your needs. We can provide an all-in-one comprehensive package, or design a specific suite of services customized to your budget. Our experience dealing with complex logistics and any size of project means we can tackle even the most difficult jobs. With our staff of highly skilled Engineers, Foresters, and Project Managers collaborating with our extensive GIS and Mapping Department, Chartwell has the skill and dedication required to ensure the success of any project. Chartwell further supplements its services with premium quality mapping products, utilizing a variety of spatial software packages. Contact us if you have a specific request and we will help you find a solution.


Chartwell’s forestry department includes: Registered Professional Foresters (RPF), Registered Forest Technologists (RFT), Professional Engineers (P.Eng.), Arborists and other dedicated team members. We have offices in North Vancouver, Chilliwack, and Gibsons, and perform work throughout British Columbia. We have established working relationships with professional service providers including geoscientists, engineers, wildlife biologists, fisheries biologists, archaeologists, and timber harvesting and road building firms, which allows us to provide a complete array of services.


Chartwell offers Comprehensive Project Management Services including full Forest License Management, Silviculture Project or Portfolio Management, Land Tenure and Permitting Applications, and all associated reports and mapping.


Our Professional Forestry Planning team has the experience and knowledge to help you with all your planning needs including but not limited to: Forest Stewardship Plans, Woodlot License Plans, Operability and Feasibility Studies, and long term planning tools such as Inventories and Timber Supply Analysis.


Chartwell offers a comprehensive range of forestry services for woodlots. As woodlot licensees ourselves, we share a common perspective with owners who are making management decisions on their chart area. Contact us for more details if you are looking for services to help with your license.

We can offer:

  • Woodlot Plan Preparation
  • Lidar Data Collection and Analysis
  • Economic Analysis of Harvest Plans
  • Timber Development and Permitting
  • Complete Mapping Services
  • Harvest Supervision
  • Silviculture Management and Tracking
  • Woodlot Purchase and Sale Support

Chartwell’s Timber Development team has extensive experience providing the full range of timber development services from the application stage to final approval.

  • Cutting Permits, Road Permits, and Special Use Permit preparation and applications
  • Forest Road and Cut Block Engineering and Design
  • Timber Cruising and Valuation
  • Harvesting Supervision
  • Waste and Residue surveys
  • Total Chance Planning
  • Windthrow Assessments and Danger Tree Evaluations
  • Site Plans
  • Harvest Plans
  • Other services to suit your needs

Chartwell’s experienced and knowledgeable team will provide you with the Professional Assessments and Concise Reports to suit your project needs.

  • Visual Impact Assessments and Visualizations
  • Terrain Stability Assessments
  • Watershed Assessments and Analysis
  • Riparian Assessments
  • Invasive Plant and Species at Risk Assessments
  • Forestry Impact Assessments
  • Ecosystem Classifications
  • Environmental Impact Assessments

The Chartwell team can work with your team to determine ways to improve operations. The ultimate goal of achieving an efficient and well balanced operation through Forest Operations Auditing and Cost Feasibility Studies is only a click or phone call away.


Chartwell’s fully integrated Forestry and Mapping Departments can manage your spatial and attribute data to ensure your information is safely stored and readily available when you need it. Our team provides RESULTS data management and submission services as well as auditing to track overdue and required submissions. Chartwell also provides data entry services for clients with internal database systems such as Cengea.

  • RESULTS Data Management and Submissions
  • FL, TFL, and WL Data Management
  • Cengea and client database management

Our full service Mapping Department will provide your business with concise, clear, and professional maps for your next project. Contact us today to discuss your mapping needs.

  • Forestry Operation Mapping (Site Plan, Harvest Plan, Cruise, Appraisal maps)
  • Environmental Inventory Mapping
  • Forest Stewardship Plan Maps
  • Custom maps to suit your needs


Whether you are developing a large tract of private land, adding to an existing road network or replacing aging infrastructure, Chartwell has a team of in-house professionals to meet your design needs. We can provide a full range of Engineering Design services, Road Planning and Design, Professionally Engineered Structures, Inspection plus Construction Supervision and Environmental Monitoring. Chartwell has the knowledge and experience to tackle all of your design challenges, enabling you to focus on your core business.


Road planning and design is a critical phase of a successful operation.  A poorly designed road will increase cycle times, consume drive trains and increase production costs.  From the simplest to the most complex access road planning Chartwell can meet the challenge with an experienced in-house team.

  • Planning & Design begins with a consultation to ensure your needs and desires are fully understood.
  • Before setting foot on site, a conceptual design using your road specifications and advanced designing tools like LiDar are used to project the access options.
  • Additionally the Forest Professionals will research Province data bases for Heritage sites, Species at Risk, Geological instabilities and Utilities that may influence the road design.
  • The conceptual design will then be ground truth in the field.  Depending on the clients’ desire and the complexity of the design, options are discussed before the final survey is completed.
  • The final survey is done using digital data collection systems reference to GPS.
  • Construction cost estimates are provided based on the final survey.

A team of CAD and GIS technicians prepare presentation quality digital plans and construction drawings necessary for the various applications for Ministry approval.


Infrastructure used by the public or employees are all governed by Provincial Regulations requiring inspects of roads, culverts and bridges to ensure that they are safe to use.  Chartwell’s in house staff of Professional Engineers and Technicians can provide thorough inspection to ensure the safety of your engineered structures.

Chartwell’s Engineers perform inspections on existing engineered structures throughout the Province. In addition to meeting the Regulatory requirements, the Clients receive an inspection that:

  • Professionally Certifies the condition and capacity of the engineered structures;
  • Identifies items needing maintenance or replacement;
  • Details estimates of repair costs for budgeting.


Chartwell’s experienced staff of Professional Engineers and Forest Professional have successfully built roads and installed engineered structures in virtually every corner of the Province. Chartwell can provide:

  • Detailed construction cost estimates for budgeting.
  • Prepare tender documents and review tender results.
  • Assist with the administrative applications to attain regulatory approvals.
  • Onsite construction supervision of your road or bridge construction projects.
  • Onsite environmental monitoring.


Chartwell Consultants Ltd. offers a wide range of analytical GIS and mapping services to forest companies, First Nations, utility corporations, private sector organizations, and all levels of government. From the organization of complex analysis and GIS implementation, to the acquisition of survey data and map bases, our team has earned a reputation for being dedicated to our clients and exceeding their expectations. We have the resources required to meet tight deadlines and our staff has the knowledge and experience to deliver the desired products within budget.



Whether it is figuring out timber volumes, wildlife habitat impacts or finding the most direct route to a location, Chartwell’s team of GIS analysts have the experience and knowledge to get the answers you need from your data. Our team has years of experience analyzing and quantifying spatial data using either raster or vector based analysis. We can provide the answers you need by using developed and proven methods or even provide a new innovative solution.


Designing a proper database can be a challenge. Technical decisions about data types, domains, and related tables are essential for a robust database; however, many organizations do not have the technical support or expertise to properly address these challenges. Chartwell can take the guesswork out of building a reliable database management system. We have the resources to design and build spatial or non-spatial databases from the ground up. Our expertise includes database management for small and large utility companies, forestry companies, and government agencies. We have experience with both proprietary and open-source software and can integrate your database solution with our field collection, mapping, and web service solutions. Contact Chartwell to learn how having a properly designed database management system can help your organization.


Electronic Submission Framework (ESF) Submissions (FTA, RESULTS, ECAS). At Chartwell, we make many kinds of ESF submissions on a regular basis, including but not limited to: Forest Licence Cutting Permits, Road Permits, Special Use Permits, Forestry Licence to Cut applications, RESULTS Opening and Forest Cover Submissions, and ECAS submissions. We have a dedicated team of analysts with several years of ESF experience that are able to make successful submissions quickly and efficiently. We have built custom applications that allow for the automated conversion of spatial and attribute data to XML/GML that significantly cuts down on the XML preparation time for submissions. Contact us for any of your ESF submission requirements.


Do you want to harness the power of geographic information systems (GIS) for your organization and don’t know where to start? Chartwell Consultants can work with you to outline your GIS needs and find the right solution for you. We have the experience to identify what kind of service you need. If you are a private company, municipal or city government, or large organization, Chartwell can organize and set up any kind of system you need by suggesting hardware and software packages to suit your needs. We also provide hosted GIS services. We will set up and manage your data and provide user friendly access through optional interfaces such as web-map solutions, mobile devices and hardcopy products.


The exponential growth in mobile technology provides new opportunities to leverage the power of mobile devices for field data collection. However, the setup and management of mobile data collection software can be both expensive and challenging. Chartwell has experience setting up mobile solutions for a variety of clients and can provide a customized mobile solution that meets your organisation’s needs. We have expertise in mobile devices running Android, iOS, and Windows 8 and can even provide options that include post-processed data and offline editing – for when high-accuracy data is required outside of cell-phone reception. Our mobile solutions integrate seamlessly with our database design, mapping, and forestry services providing a complete solution from field to desktop. If you are having trouble deciding on a mobile platform or building your mobile field collection solution, contact Chartwell to learn about your options.


Chartwell has extensive experience with operational mapping and database management for utilities. This includes a number of different mapping services and solutions for hydroelectric, oil and gas, or telecommunications companies. This includes overview maps for outlining access, detailed infrastructure maps, road prescription maps or custom map templates. We work hard to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients for all of their mapping needs. Our enterprise database system allows for multi-user editing so that several of our GIS analysts can work on any area at the same time. This enables us to quickly produce high quality maps for time-sensitive layout projects.


Chartwell has extensive experience with operational mapping and database management of cut blocks. We produce standard 11×17 layout cut block mapping including Harvest Plan / Road Overview maps, Appraisal Maps, Site Plan Maps, Timber Cruise Maps, Terrain Hazard assessment Maps, and Detailed and Overview Location Maps. We work hard to meet and exceed the expectations of our forestry clients for all of their mapping needs. Our enterprise database system allows for multi-user editing so that several of our GIS analysts can work on any cut block or area at the same time. This enables us to quickly produce high quality maps for time-sensitive layout projects.


Mapping products are increasingly moving online. However, navigating the complex set of options and software can be overwhelming. Chartwell offers a suite of options for web services that can meet your company’s needs. We have experience building and hosting web mapping applications for utility and forestry companies using both open-source software and industry standard proprietary software. Our web mapping solutions also include options for Google Earth, so you can access your mapping data in the application that best suits your needs. We are able to provide stand-alone web mapping services or solutions that integrate with our database setup, mobile collection, and forestry services. Contact us to learn about your options for online mapping, or to view a sample of web-maps we’ve created.


Chartwell’s approach to any project is based on the idea of direct and practical solutions applied in a cost effective manner, by knowledgeable and experienced people. We believe in a well-managed process that entails control over all variables and good communication.

Our Project Managers have the knowledge and experience to conceptualize the entire project, meeting time and budgetary constraints, motivating staff and contractors, helping to solve problems, negotiating between competing interests, and understanding and interacting with all interested parties. Every member of our project team shares cost control responsibility, ensuring all team members take ownership of the job.

First Nations Conultation Process

Chartwell has the experience to help you with First Nations consultation process. Our Professional team will take your project through the Consultation process providing all parties with clear and concise information to ensure efficiency and clarity.

Multi-Disciplinary Project Team Assembly and Project Management

The Chartwell team is made up of Professionals with a wide range of expertise. In addition, Chartwell works with other Professionals to ensure the most experienced and knowledgeable people are assigned to meet our clients needs. This allows our Project managers to assemble a team that can meet Multi-disciplinary Project requirements, producing high quality work, on time and within budget.

Project Implementation, Management & Construction/Environmental Supervision

Not only can Chartwell manage your project but we can bring it full circle to the Implementation stage. Our team can facilitate the management and environmental supervision of your project to ensure all goals are met as planned.

Multi-phase Project Delivery

Multi-phase Projects are complex and encompass many intricate inputs and precise deliverables. Chartwell has extensive experience successfully managing Multi-phase projects for clients in a range of natural resource sectors.

Service Delivery

Chartwell’s track record is impeccable and our philosophy is clear: Quality, on time, on budget.


Visual impact assessments are an essential way to communicate development plans to the public and to associated stakeholders. Chartwell delivers a complete visual management package that is objective, comprehensible, and with a visually pleasing landscape level result to help you make informed decisions. From data capture to the transformation of vector data into photo-realistic visualizations, our team will build accurate, economically rational and operationally feasible designs to produce high quality digital terrain representations for any environmental impact evaluation. And since our visualization products can be integrated into any one of Chartwell’s existing services, you can utilize our in-house visibility modeling capabilities at any stage of your project. Whether it is forestry, energy, mining, or municipal level land use planning, visual assessments can be incorporated into your project for the design, development, and management of visuals goals

Landscape Analysis

Describing and interpreting the landscape in terms of its structure and ecology is an integral part to planning for future resource use. By employing highly trained GIS professionals and using advanced technology, Chartwell can classify and identify different landscape components to determine the suitability of your development project.

Landscape Assesment & Inventory

Chartwell’s services include the identification, classification and recording of visual values on the landscape. These criteria can then be used to rate the landscape for its visual sensitivity, visual absorption capability, and existing visual condition as they pertain to future resource use.

Visual Impact Assessment/Analysis

Visual impacts of proposed development projects are typically the issues of greatest concern to property owners, recreational users, and the local community. At Chartwell, we have extensive experience in helping our clients to evaluate those impacts by delivering effective, objective, and aesthetically pleasing products that help facilitate decision making and planning. 


Whether you are the owner of a large rural tract of land, a major resource industry or a utility company, your use of the land depends largely on the ease of access. Your access requirements may be as simple as a trail for recreational use or as complex as a heavy equipment resource road. Whatever your needs are, Chartwell has the experience to meet your unique access requirements. Chartwell can assist you with a full range of Road Management services, Planning and Design, Road Inventory and Inspections, Construction and Regulatory Administration. Chartwell has the knowledge and experience to tackle your Road Management challenges, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Planning and Design

Road planning and design is a critical phase of a successful operation. A poorly designed road will increase cycle times, consume drive trains and increase production costs. From the simplest to the most complex access road planning Chartwell can meet the challenge, with an experienced in house team.

  • Forest Professionals, armed with your road design specifications and using advanced designing tools like LiDAR will find the most cost effective route to access your lands.
  • Professional Engineers are available to design and certify engineered structures.
  • A team of CAD and GIS technicians compliment the works of the other Professionals by preparing presentation quality digital plans and construction drawings necessary for the various applications for Ministerial approval.
Road Inventory and Inspections
Road Inventory Whether you’ve recently acquired new territories or taken over the management of a long establish operation, chances are you have inherited someone else’s road network. This legacy likely has weaknesses that may affect your bottom line.
Chartwell has performed thousands of kilometers of road inventory surveys throughout the Province. In each case the inventory is tailored to the client’s needs. Road inventories start with an onsite survey, using a GPS based Carto Pac data collection system to record the condition of the road. The location and condition of each road feature is accurately recorded as a digital file. The end result is a detail mapped road inventory that becomes a living document and a valuable tool in the management of your road network.
Road Inspections Infrastructure used by the public or employees are all governed by Provincial Regulations requiring inspects of roads, culverts and bridges to ensure that they are safe to use. Chartwell’s in house staff of Professional Engineers and Technicians can provide thorough inspection to ensure the safety of your engineered structures. In addition to meeting the Regulatory requirements, the Clients receive an inspection that:
  • Professionally Certifies the condition and capacity of the engineered structures;
  • Identifies items needing maintenance or replacement;
Emergency Road Inspections No matter how well your road network is maintained, mother natural can quickly add her own touches. With a focus on a prompt response to get you back in business, Chartwell’s team of Professionals can:
  • Assess the site to determine whether it is safe for men and equipment to work.
  • Prescribe repairs, either temporary or permanent.
  • Facilitate the required Governmental Regulatory processes.
  • Supervise the emergency repairs to ensure that they meet design specifications.
  • Monitor the works to ensure minimal impact to the environment. Alternately, automatic post event inspections can be scheduled to occur after storms of a predetermined intensity.
Road Construction

Building roads in British Columbia presents challenges not found elsewhere, each region has unique characteristics. Chartwell’s, staff has experience in virtually every corner of the Province, from Haida Gwaii in the northwest to the Kootenays in the southeast and from Vancouver Island in the southwest to Fort St. John in the northeast. Chartwell can provide:

  • Detailed construction cost estimates for budgeting.
  • Prepare tender documents and review tender results.
  • Provide onsite supervision of your road or bridge construction projects.
Regulatory Administration

In managing their lands owners and industry are faced with scores of Provincial Acts, Legislation and Regulations. Navigating the labyrinth of administration is challenging. Chartwell works with the Government Agencies throughout the Province we are well versed in the requirements of each District. On behalf of their clients’ Chartwell routinely performs administrative works under the following Provincial Acts, Legislation and Regulations:

  • BC Water Act. Road works not covered by other Provincial Tenures requires a Water Act Section 9 Approval or Notification;
  • BC Forest & Range Practices Act. Activities related to harvesting require Road Permits, Cutting Permits, Special Use Permits and Licenses to Harvest;
  • BC Land Act. Crown Land required for a road right of way may need a Licence of Occupation;


Your assets in the field can range from pipeline crossings to timber, and includes the roads, bridges and infrastructure that access them. Chartwell specializes in collecting locations, condition and attribute information of these assets in any location, remote or urban. The information collected is critical for maintaining safe passage, predicting maintenance requirements and producing realistic budgets.

Visit our landPLANNER™ page for our web-based and mobile mapping solutions.



LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) saves you money and time. With LiDAR, you can avoid spending time looking for tall trees, assessing slopes, and scouting roads. Field time is reduced, which means time and cost savings for our clients – no matter what industry you work in. Services include acquisition management and data management solutions, freeing you to concentrate on other tasks. Our web-based data access tools allow you to view, mark up and download LiDAR data products and more, (e.g. contours, Canopy Height Model and road alignments) without the need for specialized software or massive amounts of storage space. At Chartwell, we have carefully integrated LiDAR into our core services. The result is enhanced design and planning for clients, while offering cost savings in many cases.



LiDAR is your complete mapping solution because it can be effectively used for operational planning and design while the cost savings can more than pay for the cost of data acquisition. With LiDAR, Chartwell Consultants’ forestry professionals can create the most efficient plan to develop an entire tenure now and into the future.

Chartwell has developed a project-based approach that makes LiDAR affordable for any size area. We can identify the most attractive timber with surprising accuracy and prepare preliminary cutblock and road designs in the office. Field time, the most costly aspect of a Forester’s job, can be reduced to confirmation and final details. Plus, improved planning means your AAC can be harvested with minimal outlay. Better design means more efficient harvesting so logging and maintenance costs are reduced.



LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging and consists of a laser rangefinder working in conjunction with GPS and orientation systems. It is an accepted method of generating precise and direct georeferenced spatial information regarding the Earth’s surface and its characteristics.

Airborne LiDAR is a multi-purpose survey and mapping tool used around the world in a broad range of industries. Sensors aboard aircraft collect vast amounts of high-accuracy XYZ points that are used to map terrain and just about anything between the sensor and the ground, including trees and electrical transmission lines.

The resulting “point clouds” are separated into classes according to the user’s needs: ground, vegetation and buildings, for example. In turn, the class datasets can be used to economically model terrain, forest canopy and more over large areas with unprecedented detail as illustrated below.



In the LiDAR example below, we see terrain with the vegetation “stripped off” by using the ground class only. This detail is possible because LiDAR points (or returns) are possible wherever the laser pulse from the sensor can find a path to the ground and back. While nothing is perfect, LiDAR is the most cost-effective method of accurately surveying forested areas.



With its multi-return capability, LiDAR provides the dual benefit of accurately mapping the ground and the features above it. This makes it very cost-effective for applications like forestry and vegetation management because both terrain and tree height can be surveyed at the same time.


The cross-section below illustrates how returns come from both the canopy and from the ground, with ground returns being much sparser under canopy than in open areas. An adequate density of points on the ground in the forested area to the left of the creek would be very unlikely without LiDAR’s multi-return capability. Then, the key becomes proper classification to separate ground returns from the other classes.


LiDAR makes a perfect tool for the utilities and energy sector because of its numerous applications. Add up all of the savings and an investment in LiDAR can pay big dividends. Companies all over the world have used LiDAR data for design and electrical transmission line re-rating for years. Vegetation Management can now be effectively handled at a substantially lower cost by combining LiDAR desktop analysis with traditional field survey.

Chartwell’s experienced Foresters and Engineers perform “office recce” – identifying areas of concern, potential danger trees, drainage etc. – before heading into the field for flagging and finalizing clearing boundaries. This strategy means we spend less time in the field, where costs add up quickly.

Flexibility is a key feature of how we work. We can customize our analyses to your preferences (level of risk and preference for danger trees or clearing, for example) as well as to the specific conditions in your area.

Access roads are expensive. Recycling existing access can be $100,000/km less than building new. Chartwell’s experience can help you find the hidden potential beneath the canopy.


With key LiDAR staff coming from the LiDAR and aerial mapping industry, Chartwell has tendered LiDAR surveys for many satisfied clients. Our experience and knowledge allow us to understand your needs and frame them so that aerial survey companies are better able to deliver the right products.

In addition, because we order frequently, we can often get preferred pricing from LiDAR companies.

You can rely on Chartwell to maximize the value of your LiDAR investment.


LiDAR datasets  with millions – even billions – of points can be a challenge to store and work with. Chartwell offers customizable LiDAR and imagery data management solutions to suit your needs.

Don’t have the space or software to store and view LiDAR data and derivatives? Chartwell can warehouse these datasets and provide secure online access for you that includes a viewer with mark-up, basic analysis and download functionality.

LiDAR and imagery data becoming unmanageable? Chartwell can perform a “data audit” and recommend tailored solutions, such as specialized databases that will not only allow you to query the points spatially and by attributes but also take up less space on your server or hard drive.

Contact us to see how we can turn unwieldy collections of huge files into accessible resources.


LiDAR data is an investment. It makes sense to make the most of any investment. Chartwell staff have years of experience working with LiDAR datasets to extract the valuable information they hold. Call us or email us to request examples of we have enabled clients to get more out of their LiDAR data than they thought possible.

You can rely on Chartwell to maximize the value of your LiDAR investment.

Biology and Environmental

Chartwell is working in partnership with McTavish Resource Consultants Ltd. to offer a suite of environmental and professional biology services.

Whether small or large scale, our team has the technical and professional expertise to provide quality services, recommendations and reports suited to the needs of your project.

We work with clients across the natural resource sector – including Forestry, Mining, Oil and Gas, Utilities and Energy – as well as with industry clients affiliated with urban development and infrastructure projects.


Our services include: 

  • Fish and wildlife inventories
  • Fish and wildlife salvage
  • Stream classifications and riparian assessments
  • Fish habitat assessments
  • Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) plans
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)
  • Construction monitoring, including water quality management and erosion & sediment control
  • Riparian restoration (including sourcing of plants and oversight of reclamation activities)
  • Pre-construction bird nest surveys
  • Migratory bird nest surveys
  • Wildlife and vegetation assessments
  • Vegetation management, including invasive and noxious plants
  • Soil surveys
  • Municipal, provincial and federal environmental permit applications
  • Liaison with federal, provincial, and municipal regulatory agencies
  • GIS and mapping services
Wildlife Habitat Modeling

WHM is a tool broadly used in impact assessment, impact mitigation and conservation planning. Using GIS, Chartwell can help to identify key habitat areas for local species and to best facilitate wildlife movement through and around development projects.

Ecological Restoration

Chartwell offers ecosystem restoration services including site assessments, restoration prescriptions, project management, full on-site implementation, and post-project monitoring. Chartwell will work within current legislation to ensure your project is in full compliance with legal requirements while using the most up to date science to meet ecological restoration objectives. We focus on projects of all sizes including both Terrestrial (land-based) and Aquatic (water-based) ecosystems.

Examples: Reforestation, restoration of stream-side vegetation and offset zones, fish habitat restoration, mitigation projects, and species-specific habitat management.

Contact us to discuss your project today.